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Founded in 2021 by California-based entrepreneur and acclaimed chef Dory Ford, MycoSci was born from the vision of creating a healthier world through the rich nutritional and medicinal properties of mushrooms.

Historically overlooked in Western culture, mushrooms are now experiencing an explosion of cultural and scientific interest around the world. Despite being popular in many ancient cultures and prolific in Eastern Medicine, the fantastic nutritional and wellness benefits of fungi are only now becoming fully appreciated on a global scale.

Our journey into the fungi space came about through frustration with the quality of mushroom supplements on the market. Many lack clear and credible information about both product contents and active nutritional components.

In addition, we found many mushroom supplements contain little to no actual mushroom fruits, but instead contain the unconcentrated mycelial biomass and grain substrate it was grown on, delivering only a minimal dose of the potential benefits. We also found nutritional and performance supplements loaded with unnecessary additives and ingredients like caffeine and sugar that disguise themselves as nutritional benefits.

We’re changing all that with a simple goal: Combine the science of mycology and nutrition with the spirit of mycelium and natural human health to deliver a symbiotic path to better health and wellness. Welcome to MycoSci.

Elevate Your Wellness Journey

Crafted from meticulously chosen mushrooms, our tinctures address diverse wellness needs. Whether its stress relief or immune support, each formulation ensures nature's benefits in a concentrated, easily absorbable form.

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Whole Cordyceps Fruits: Seasoned or Unseasoned

Find out more about our first product, freeze-dried cordyceps supplements in convenient single-serving pouches.

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