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Where are your mushrooms grown?

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We proudly grow all our products in Santa Cruz county, California. Currently our growing operation is headquartered in sunny Watsonville, California.

What mushrooms do you produce?

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Currently we are producing Cordyceps militaris, and will soon offer other varieties of mycological and botanical supplements for health & wellbeing.

How are your products tested?

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With a well-outfitted lab at MycoSci, we are able to analyze the quality and potency of our own products in-house using our own HPLC and mass spectrometry machines. We also utilize 3rd party lab testing to verify and assure our results.

What's different about MycoSci products?

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We believe in full transparency and high quality for all our products, using only the listed ingredients with no fillers. Our mushrooms are tested rigorously to be consistent and safe. We stand behind our products and believe them to be of the highest possible quality.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

What are cordyceps?

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Cordyceps are typically orange, spiked mushrooms that grow naturally throughout the northern hemisphere. Their fruiting bodies and mycelium include the compound cordycepin, which is known to offer a variety of benefits to health and wellbeing.

This "superfood mushroom" has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural booster of energy.

I searched for them online - why are they called zombie mushrooms?

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There are two prominent species of cordyceps mushrooms. One type, Ophiocordyceps sinensis, is known for infecting the caterpillar of the Hepialus moth in Asia and emerging as a mushroom; hence the nickname zombie mushroom. It's no surprise that it's among your first search results; who doesn't like a good zombie story?

The second type is Cordyceps militaris. Under the right conditions, these cordyceps mushrooms are more readily cultivated and harvested from a vegan substrate - and grow into a slender, orange fruiting body that we use in our supplements.

While both varieties contain the beneficial compound cordycepin, we think you'll agree that - whether you're into zombies or not - they may be more appealing when grown in substrate.

What are the benefits of cordyceps supplements?

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Among other benefits, cordyceps have been found to increase energy and endurance / stamina. Studies show they have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and may even aid in fighting diabetes.

Looking for a boost in iron? Our cordyceps offer 22% of your RDA in iron per serving.

How much can I eat?

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Like most supplements, dosage depends on many characteristics from daily activity, to weight, to age.

Generally, we find that a daily dose of our 4g freeze dried supplement snack pack is sufficient to gain the daily benefits of cordycepin.

How should I eat them?

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Our freeze-dried cordyceps can be enjoyed on their own as a supplemental snack. Feeling inventive? Enjoy the same benefits while soaking them as a tea or sprinkling them over a salad for color and crisp texture. Be on the lookout for future suggestions on our blog or social media channels for creative and delicious ways to use our mushrooms - and of course, new products we'll have available soon!

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